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Course Detail
Fees 2720 S.R
Course Code M–39
Course NameMechanical, Troubleshooting Pump, Compressors
اسم الدورةMechanical, Troubleshooting Pump, Compressors

At the completion of this course, the trainee will be able to describe the basic principles of preventive maintenance and live plant troubleshooting for centrifugal pump and compressors. Identify and describe the functions of a centrifugal pump, compressors in a system and its components. Recognize causes and symptoms of excessive leakage, excessive temperature, and loss of capacity/loss of head Explain how pressure, flow rate, and temperature are affected by the system in which the pump and compressor operates. A familiarity with troubleshooting procedures as well as the proper use of hand tools and precision measuring instruments is required. Additionally, a familiarity with seals is recommended in pumps and compressors.

● Pump Theories
● Preventive maintenance
● Performance Issues in Pumps
● Centrifugal Pump Components and
● Operate pumping equipment safely and efficiently
● Compressor Theory and Classifications
● Preventive maintenance
● Inspection of external parts during operation
● Filter replacement and inspection

● Replacement of defective parts on air compressors
● Operating characteristics of selected compressors
● Mechanical related troubleshooting on air
compressor Intercoolers and after cooler

Total Hours30
Duration 5 days
Begin Date15/04/2018
End Date19/04/2018