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Course Detail
Fees 2770 S.R
Course Code M–47
Course NamePumps Overhauling and Basics
اسم الدورةPumps Overhauling and Basics

Pumps are an integral part of industry. Yet engineers, operators, and maintenance technicians are seldom fully trained to handle the pump problems they encounter daily. A good knowledge of proper pump application, selection, operation, troubleshooting, and maintenance is vital to the success of industry.

● Function and maintenance of pump
● Types of Pumps
● Pumps Construction and Working
● Demonstration of working principles, removal and
fixing of components of pumps
● Inspection of run out and axial float.
● Different types of lubrication of systems used for
● Pumps common faults and their diagnosis and
● Understanding of basic terms like suction head,
discharge head, vacuum, pressure and capacity.
● Identification and study of pump components
● Disassembly and assembly of pumps as per drawing
and manual.
● Test and Evaluation of Trainee

Total Hours30
Duration 5 days
Begin Date29/04/2018
End Date03/05/2018