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Course Detail
Fees 2605 S.R
Course Code M–40
Course NamePneumatic System
اسم الدورةPneumatic System

Pneumatics System program deals in detail with the most up-to-date products, current tools and methods used in industry.

● Safety precautions while working on pneumatic system
● Basic principles of compressed air supply, production, preparation
and distribution
● Power section devices (Linear and rotary actuators)
● Use of directional control valve, flow control, pressure and time
control valves and sensors
● Structure and function of pneumatic devices and valves
● Basic logic functions and their application
● Symbolic representation of devices
● Systematic design of circuit diagrams
● Operating modes in pneumatic control systems
● Typical industrial circuits
● Identifying and eliminating faults
● Practical exercises for all circuits “hands on”
● Pneumatic Symbols and Standards
● Function and identification of pneumatic components
● Reconstruction and reading of pneumatic circuits
● Optimizing systems using fault documentation

Total Hours30
Duration 5 days
Begin Date01/04/2018
End Date05/04/2018