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Course Detail
Fees 2091 S.R
Course Code IT–117
Course NameImplementing and Managing Windows 7/8
اسم الدورةImplementing and Managing Windows 7/8

This course brings the ultimate knowledge about planning, installing, configuring, managing and troubleshooting Microsoft Windows 7 operating systems. The students will learn about all aspects of the client operating system administration and its operation corporate in network environments. The course covers topics such as those about the new technologies as well as the technologies contained or only improved from Windows older operating systems. The course provides comprehensive preparation for beginners as well as professionals working in Microsoft based environments.

● Install and upgrade to Windows 7
● Automate installation of Windows 7
● Configure and troubleshoot User Account Control
● Understand and configure BitLocker
● Configure, manage and troubleshoot Windows Defender
● Manage computer storage and disk volumes
● Manage hardware drivers
● Configure and manage Windows Services
● Troubleshoot and manage boot process
● Configure and troubleshoot TCP/IP settings
● Configure and manage Windows Firewall with security
● Share folders and printers

● Add workstations to domain
● Manage user environment with user profiles
● Configure user environment with Group Policy
● Monitor system stability, performance and operation
● Configure scheduled tasks
● Enable remote connectivity with VPN
● Enable mobile use of the operating system

Total Hours24
Duration 5 days
Begin Date08/04/2018
End Date12/04/2018