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Course Detail
Fees 6369 S.R
Course Code E93
Course NamePLC Programming & Interfacing
اسم الدورةPLC Programming & Interfacing

The goal of this course is to provide basic programming skills and troubleshooting techniques on PLC based controlled circuits. It familiarizes the trainees with some important ladder logic instructions and doing the practical exercises in this course trainees, would be able to use PLC effectively in any process.

● Safety precautions while working in PLC workshop
● Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) overview
● PLC Hardware components
● Number system and codes
● Basics of PLC programming
● Programming Timers
● Programming counters
● Program control instructions
● Data manipulation instructions
● Math instructions
● Interfacing and troubleshooting are included in each

Total Hours60
Duration 10 days
Begin Date08/04/2018
End Date19/04/2018