Special Program Courses

Course Detail
Fees 2460 S.R
Course Code E–92
Course NamePiping & Instrumentation Diagrams Reading (P&ID)
اسم الدورةPiping & Instrumentation Diagrams Reading (P&ID)

The purpose of this course is to help trainees read and understand Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID). Reading and interpreting process diagrams is essential in many industrial operations. After completing the course the participants will be able to identify symbols and function labels commonly found on P&IDs, describe how system components are related, and trace process stream flow and control loop functions.

● Introduction to P&ID diagram
● P&ID layout
● Instrument symbols
● Miscellaneous instrument connection and symbols
● Instrument identification
● Process loop
● Line symbol and line designation
● Tracing and insulation symbols
● Control valve symbols
● Actuator symbols for valves
● Equipment symbols
● Digital control symbols and designations
● Function block symbols
● Types of instrumentation diagram
● Instrument loop diagram
● Exercises to read P&ID diagram

Total Hours30
Duration 5 days
Begin Date15/04/2018
End Date19/04/2018