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Course Detail
Fees 2681 S.R
Course Code E–89
Course NameIntroduction to Digital Electronics
اسم الدورةIntroduction to Digital Electronics

This short course presents the basic concepts and terminologies of digital electronics. Digital numbering systems and mathematics are used and applied to digital circuits and components. It provides hands-on training in connecting and troubleshooting digital circuits.

● Introduction to electronics
● Difference between analog and digital electronics
● Numbers and numbering systems
● Decimal, hexadecimal, binary and BCD
● Conversion between numbering systems
● Basic logic gates and truth tables
● AND, OR and NOT gates
● Equivalent electrical circuits for basic logic gates
● Derived logic gates
● NAND and NOR gates
● Exclusive OR and exclusive NOR gates
● Timing analysis
● Addition in numbering systems
● Half adder and full adder
● Addition by full adder
● Multiplexer/demultiplexer

Total Hours30
Duration 5 days
Begin Date15/04/2018
End Date19/04/2018