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Course Detail
Fees 3394 S.R
Course Code E–88
Course NameIndustrial Motor Control
اسم الدورةIndustrial Motor Control

Industrial Motor Controls prepares the trainees to install and troubleshoot motor-controls for a wide variety of motors used in industrial plants and other applications. The course covers the control devices used in modern industrial electrical systems and their applications.

● Control definitions and descriptions
● Graphic symbols and device designations
● Safety and the power supply
● Continuity tests – buzzer and lamp
● Two-station and three-station control
● Starting split-phase and capacitor-start motors
● Full-voltage control of a 3-phase induction motor
● Delayed start of a 3-phase induction motor
● Start-stop-jog of a 3-phase induction motor
● Forward-reverse control of a 3-phase induction
● Wye-delta starting of a 3-phase induction motor
● DC braking of a 3-phase motor
● Cam switch controlling of a wound-rotor motor
● Magnetic hoist – lower control of a dc motor
● Sequential timing and over-lapping operations

Total Hours30
Duration 5 days
Begin Date25/03/2018
End Date29/03/2018