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Course Detail
Fees 3334 S.R
Course Code E–81
Course NameElectrical Motor Control Troubleshooting
اسم الدورةElectrical Motor Control Troubleshooting

This course aims primarily to provide practical skills in electrical controls and its applications. This effective class is what every electrical technician needs to understand, and build the confidence needed to troubleshoot and repair electrical failures.

● Safety precautions while working on electrical
control circuits
● OSHA Requirements regarding troubleshooting
● Understanding and using electrical drawings
● Using Meters and taking measurements
● Troubleshooting techniques
● How these common components work and how to
troubleshoot them: Starters, Relays, Transformers,
Capacitors, Switches, Limit switches, and more…
● Troubleshooting more complex components such
as: Timers, Electronic Sensors, Proximity Sensors,
Motor Overload Devices, Heating Elements, and
● Understanding Complex Ladder Diagram
● Troubleshooting using more advanced devices and

Total Hours30
Duration 5 days
Begin Date15/04/2018
End Date19/04/2018