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Course Detail
Fees 2521 S.R
Course Code CS–99
Course NameGeneral Chemistry
اسم الدورةGeneral Chemistry

The completion of the course will give students the basic knowledge of general chemistry. The course will also be able to give knowledge about the matters, chemical bonding, understanding about measurement and conversion of units. Students will also be able to master a broad set of chemical knowledge concerning the fundamentals in the basic areas of the discipline (organic, inorganic chemistry, chemical reactions and their equation balances). Students will be able to use standard laboratory equipment, modern instrumentation, and classical techniques to carry out experiments, follow the proper procedures and regulations for safe handling and use of chemicals and communicate the concepts and results of their laboratory experiments through effective writing and oral communication skills.

● Introduction to chemistry
● Classification of matter
● Periodic table
● Measurement units
● Unit conversion
● Valence
● Chemical bonds, equation, reaction & types
● Inorganic and organic chemistry

Total Hours30
Duration 5 days
Begin Date15/04/2018
End Date19/04/2018