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Course Detail
Fees 2508 S.R
Course Code CS–109
Course NameFundamentals of Polymer Technology
اسم الدورةFundamentals of Polymer Technology

In this course the attendees will get knowledge about polymers and fundamental polymer processes. The study of Polymer technology will provide the audience with not only a broad understanding of a variety of different polymers but also the in-depth knowledge about the processing of polymers. All major polymer processing technologies would be discussed separately so that the attendees can benefit from them and can have clear understanding about those processes.

● Introduction to polymers
● Classification of Polymers
● Polymerization & Its Types
● Polymer Additives
● Extrusion Process
● Injection molding
● Blow molding
● Calendering
● Melt Spinning

Total Hours30
Duration 5 days
Begin Date08/04/2018
End Date12/04/2018