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Course Detail
Fees 2655 S.R
Course Code CS–107
Course NameApplied Science
اسم الدورةApplied Science

In this course the students will learn the science of applying knowledge from one or more natural scientific fields to practical problems. The study of Applied Science will provide students with not only a broad understanding of a variety of scientific principles but also the skill to apply knowledge to solve problems and provide solutions to a variety of situations vital skills sought by employers and therefore a particular advantage when entering the workforce. And also provide a broad background in basic sciences.

● Introduction to science
● Branches of science
● Applied chemistry
• Basics of Chemistry
• Introduction to Matter (Chemical scope)
• Different states of matter (Chemical scope)
• Inorganic &Organic Chemistry
• Acid & Base behavior and definition
• Understanding Periodic Table
● Applied Physics
• Basics of Physics
• Introduction to Matter (Physical scope)
• Different states of matter (Physical scope)
• Properties of matter
• Various Physical properties used in Industries

● Applied Mechanics
• Introduction to Fluid Mechanics
• Basics about Solids, Liquids and gases
• Different classifications of fluid flows
● Applied electricity
• Introduction to Electrical fundamentals
• Basics of Electricity

Total Hours30
Duration 5 days
Begin Date25/03/2018
End Date29/03/2018