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Course Detail
Fees 2025 S.R
Course Code BS-144
Course NameHazard Communication
اسم الدورةHazard Communication

The basic goal of a Hazard Communication Program is to ensure employers and employees know about work
hazards and how to protect themselves. This helps to reduce the incidence of chemical source illness and injuries.
● Identify different types of warning labels.
● Explain how a material safety data sheet (MSDS) is used.
● Identify and apply the safety information on an MSDS.
● Demonstrate and explain proper on-site safety and emergency-response procedures.

● Introduction
● Hazardous Materials
– Radioactive Hazards
– Physical Hazards of Chemicals
– Health Hazards of Chemicals
– Chemical Exposures
– Effect of Chemical Exposures
● Labeling
● Material Safety data Sheets (MSDSs)
● Responding to emergencies
– Emergencies responses Team
– Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE)
– Respiratory Protection

– Air-Purifying Respirators
– Supplied Air Respirators
– Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus(SCBA)
– Respiratory program
– Positive and Negative Fit Check

Total Hours15
Duration 3 days
Begin Date13/05/2018
End Date15/05/2018