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Course Detail
Fees 2095 S.R
Course Code BS-143
Course NameHand and Power Tool Safety
اسم الدورةHand and Power Tool Safety

Employees should be trained in the proper use of all tools. Technician should be able to recognize the hazards associated with the different types of tools and the safety precautions necessary.
● Identify different types of power tools.
● Describe the uses of hand and power tools.
● List the five most common power sources for power tools.
● Describe the risks associated with hand tools.
● Describe the risks associated with each type of power tool.
● Explain how to minimize the risks associated with
operating hand and power tools.


● Introduction
● Fire Hazards related to hand and power tools
– How fire Start
– Fire Prevention
– Fire Fighting
● Hand tool safety
– Bladed Tools
– Impact Tools
– Dust and Suspended Particles.
● Power tools
– Safety Guidelines for Power Tools
– Electrically power tools

– Pneumatic Tools
– Hearing protection
– Air Hoses
– Jackhammers
– Liquid- Fuel Tools
– Flammable and Combustibles Liquids
– Fire Extinguishers
– Power Actuated Tools
– Fasteners
– Hydraulics Tools
– Jacks
– Powered Abrasive Wheel Tools
● Guards and Safety Switches

Total Hours15
Duration 3 days
Begin Date13/05/2018
End Date15/05/2018