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Course Detail
Fees 2432 S.R
Course Code BS-142
Course NameFire Protection and Prevention
اسم الدورةFire Protection and Prevention

● Identify the typical fuel sources found on a construction site.
● Identify the typical sources of ignition found on a construction site.
● Explain the procedures for proper handling and storage of flammable materials.
● Explain the classes of fire extinguishers and name the type of fire for which each is most effective.
● Identify the type and use of a fire extinguisher from its label.
● Use a fire extinguisher to put out a fire.


● Introduction
● Fuel Sources
● Sources of Ignition
● Emergency Action plan
● Site Layout
● Additional Precautions
● Material Handling and Storage
– Safety Cabinets
– Safety Cans
● Fire Extinguishers
– Classes of fires
– Fire Extinguishers
– Types of fire Extinguishers, Using Fire Extinguishers

Total Hours15
Duration 3 days
Begin Date13/05/2018
End Date15/05/2018