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Course Detail
Fees 1680 S.R
Course Code BS-141
Course NameFall Protection
اسم الدورةFall Protection

In "Fall Protection is training,” employees of the companies will learn the importance of a fall protection
plan. In this course they will learn the function of guardrails, the safe use of ladders and other basic safe
work practices when working off the ground. In this fall protection training course, they will learn the
components of a fall arrest system, how to put on a full body harness and when a body harness is necessary. This fall protection training also covers the use of connecting
devices and lifelines.
● Explain and Identify areas or activities where fall protection is needed.
● Select fall protection measures compatible with the type of work being performed.
● Demonstrate and explain how to properly use fallprotection equipment.


● Introduction
● Falling Hazards and Safeguard
– Guardrails
– Personnel Fall Arrest System

– Body Harness
– Lanyard
– Deceleration Devices
– Lifelines
– Anchoring Devices and Equipment Connectors
– Selecting an anchor point and tying Off
– Using Personnel Fall Arrest Equipment
– Safety net systems
● Rescue After Fall

Total Hours10
Duration 2 days
Begin Date13/05/2018
End Date14/05/2018